Reg Local‘ (not his real name) was a police officer for many years where he worked a traffic officer and eventually as an advanced police driving instructor. His website and books are a mine of useful information, especially his videos. Each of the videos below are about 20-22 minutes in length.

Here is a link to the comlete list of Reg Local videos but what we consider are the three most benficial have their own specific direct links further down the page.

Below you can view a small collection of these videos for anybody preparing for their Advanced Driving Assessment.

Video on ‘Spoken Thoughts’

This one is an Introduction to giving what used to be called a Commentary, but now referred to as ‘Spoken thoughts‘. Note that giving a Commentary (or ‘Spoken Thoughts‘) is no longer a mandatory part of the IAM Assessment but it is beneficial to do so if you can.

Video on Smooth Braking

This video concentrates on achieving a method of ‘progressive‘ braking to achive a smooth method of slowing down without ‘jerking’ your passengers around. This gives them a more pleasurable journey.

Video on the ‘System’

Introduction to the ‘System‘. This is the core of Advanced Driving and gives you a methodical way of approaching any hazard to ensure you approach, negotiate, and leave it safely in the correct position on the road, at the correct speed, and in the correct gear.