Thanks for visiting our website.  First ask yourself each of the five questions below:

Do I need a confidence boost in my driving?

This might be due to lack of experience or even as age catches up with us all.  It can lead to nervous driving and Cornwall’s roads are getting more and more congested, particularly in the summer with visitors who are not familiar with our relaxed ‘ways’ and narrow and bendy country roads and lanes.

Do I want to improve my driving?

I enjoy my driving and want to find out how I can be even better, more relaxed and less stressed, as well as increase the enjoyment.

Do I have Penalty Points on my Driving Licence and don’t want to get any more?

I have realised I HAVE to change my style of driving as I don’t want (or cannot afford) to end up losing my Driving Licence.

Do I drive for work and my employer has said I should do a ‘Safe Driving Course‘?

Successful completion of an IAM Driving Assessment Course would be a perfect solution to that issue for you as an individual.  However, investigate with your employer first because we can’t do corporate courses, we are a small IAM Advanced Driving Group run by volunteers and can only prepare individuals, not attend Classroom Sessions with multiple Drivers attending – your employer would need  to talk to IAM Drive and Survive for this.

Do I frequently give lifts to other people’s children?

If you do, you have an implied duty to take good care of those other family’s most precious and loved asset – their children.    You owe it to them when those children are your passengers.  It also applies of course to your own children/grandchildren/grandparents.

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to ANY ONE (or more) of those questions, then we might be the answer you were looking for. We can help you ‘change‘ your driving to be better through going for an IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driving Course.

Are you are interested in finding out more about Advanced Driving or Cornwall Advanced Drivers?

If you want to find out more, please browse through the Menu options above and and see what we do, and where we can do it.  We are sure that we will have somebody near you wherever you are in Cornwall who can help you.  You only have to ask and we can start to put the skill (and hence relaxation) back into your driving..

Trafalgar Roundabout, Truro
Trafalgar Roundabout in Truro

We would be very pleased to help answer any questions or queries you may have about enrolling as a new ‘Associate’ with IAM RoadSmart or about becoming a member of Cornwall Advanced Drivers. We can’t guarantee to empty the roads of traffic for you but you will become more relaxed and aware of what’s happening around you as well as how to deal with other drivers, hazards, and complicated junctions.

VW Beetle driving on an empty country road
More relaxed?