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If you are interested in finding out more about Cornwall Advanced Drivers or are interested in joining  our group please email johnsimpson@iam-cornwall.org.uk.

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Our training programmes

Once IAM RoadSmart have enrolled a new Associate living within our operating area, details are sent to us to arrange on-road training. Depending on our training workload, we will then try to allocate an Observer to the new Associate.

Sometimes, if all our Observers are already committed and we can’t offer any training support we may need to refer the Associate back to IAM Road Smart. Typically, the average Associate will need around 10 Observed Runs (OR’s) but with own-practice between OR’s.

About our Observers

We have a small group of hard-working Observers who train new Associates to take their IAM advanced driving test - the majority of whom live west of Truro. All our Observers have received specialist instruction about teaching advanced driving techniques and have passed the high standard required by IAM RoadSmart’s quality assurance accreditation providers.

However, they all give of their time voluntarily and without any remuneration. So, in return, we therefore ask our Associates, when their Observer is allocated to them, to travel to a convenient location near to the Observer’s home area for all their training sessions (called OR’s).

Interested in becoming an observer?
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