Advanced Driving

How does an ‘Advanced Driver’ differ from an ‘Average’ driver’?

Advanced driving is a method of driving which should reduce your chances of having a collision.

That’s got to be good? Yes!!

So, what’s it all about? Most drivers pass their L-test when they are about 17 to 20 years old and are then entitled to drive for perhaps the next 60 years or so, without having to take another car driving test (unless they lose their licence) without having to re-train or be re-assessed at their driving skills. Driving a car involves dangers, so every driver takes on a huge responsibility whenever they get behind the wheel. How many other potentially dangerous skills do you know that, after the initial qualification, don’t require any on-going training or evaluation?

Trafalgar Roundabout, Truro
Trafalgar Roundabout in Truro

An ‘advanced driver’ will usually have received some post-learner qualification driving tuition and probably passed an advanced driving assessment. It’s about ensuring you’re always in the correct position on the road at the right speed, have the correct gear engaged and not at the wrong speed, and in the wrong gear for the road.

The ‘advanced driver’ is constantly searching for view and picking up the ‘potential danger clues’ ahead (and all round) using a constantly changing driving plan to stay out of danger – it’s called ‘reading-the-road’. This enables the driver to drive defensively using a logical ’system’, as taught to all Police and Emergency vehicle drivers, to deal safely with any hazard.

It’s about making good progress within relevant speed limits. This is called Progressive Driving and is certainly nothing to do with dawdling or slow driving.

Have a look at IAM RoadSmart’s website from link button below for more details.

What are the benefits?

Since the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) was founded (now trading as “IAM RoadSmart”) in 1956, it is still to this day a TOTALLY independent road safety charity. It also created its internationally known Advanced Driving Assessment in 1956 and since then, well over 500,000 car drivers have passed it. The Advanced Driving Assessment is also accredited by the UK Government’s Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Here are some of the benefits you may find after taking and passing IAM’s Advanced Driving Assessment provided, of course, you continue to drive to that standard:

  • Your accident risk can be lessened by about 70%.

  • Some Insurance companies reflect this lessened accident risk by offering special insurance terms.

  • You should develop a pride, satisfaction, confidence and have more enjoyment from your driving.

  • Your driving will probably become much smoother and less stressful.

  • Your passengers should notice they feel more comfortable and relaxed whilst you are driving them.

  • You will be one of the most skilled drivers on the road.

  • Due to better observation and planning, you may find less wear and tear on your car and improved fuel consumption.