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Recent Passes

CAD congratulates the following Associates who recently passed their IAM Advanced Driving Test


Steve Brewer

Edwin Mayo  –  First


Martin Edwards

Sarah Nash

Dennis Keam

Cheryl Wilson

Patricia Carter

Muriel Summerfield

Ingram Bright

Our congratulations to Carol Scott, our Secretary who became the first member of Cornwall Advanced Drivers to become a Fellow of the IAM passing her test in October 2017. This is a significant achievement for her and will hopefully be the first of many for the group.


Christopher Sowden  –  First

Garry Maddocks  –  First

Patel Sahil

Ruth Baretta

Peter Humber

Andrew McGowan

Finian O’Donnell

Bill Connelly

Colin Drummond

Vicci Campbell

Pat Flitcher

Ian Halford