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IAM RoadSmart News Releases

Here are the latest four Press Releases issued by IAM RoadSmart with links to read more than the small extract provided here by opening the News Release in a new Browser Window.

IAM RoadSmart warns road users over confusion around Highway Code changes

Issued 30/7/2021
IAM RoadSmart the UK’s largest independent road safety charity, is warning all road users, to be patient and cautious when it comes to the Highway Code this summer. While changes are coming, they are not here yet, they were simply announced today, but are yet to be put into law. We therefore all need to be mindful of the current rules that will apply for the foreseeable future, and not confuse the proposed changes with the Summer of Cycling campaign which was also announced today.

Over 50% of cars and vans were speeding in towns and on motorways in 2020 according to latest statistics

Issued 14/7/2021
One in two drivers on motorways and 30mph roads exceeded the speed limit in 2020, taking advantage of decreased traffic during national lockdown, according to latest on vehicle speed compliance for 2020 in Great Britain, released today by the Department for Transport.

Almost half of motorists support making 20mph the new 30mph

Issued 15/7/2021
Growing support, with nearly 50% surveyed, for reducing the speed limit on all urban roads from 30mph to 20mph. Almost half of drivers now in favour, revealed in new research by IAM RoadSmart with areas outside schools seen as the highest priority.

UK road deaths drop for the first time in eight-years

Issued 25/6/2021
Provisional figures for 2020 in: Reported road casualties in Great Britain: provisional results 2020, revealed there were 1,472 reported road deaths, compared to 1,748 in 2019.