Where do we cover?

Cornwall obviously, but not all of it!

Cornwall is one of the longest counties being just over 70 miles direct from Lands End to the border with Devon. We all know that the roads are not Cornwall’s best infrastructure and it really gets clogged up in the Summer with traffic jams on the two main roads into and through Cornwall so while 70 or so miles does not seem far it can take a lot longer than you think to get somewhere. Remember virtually anywhere in Cornwall is with 15 miles of the sea.

We cannot offer coverage throughout the whole of Cornwall.  However, we do cover all of west and mid Cornwall which is ALL the Truro Postcodes (TR) including the Scilly Isles (Yes! – Associate worked and kept a car in Penzance before you ask) but not all of East Cornwall (we do cover some PL postcodes so we may be allocated people from parts of East Cornwall).

As a guide, we do not cover to the east of a rough line from Polperro up past and to the east of Camelford (see the map below for the areas coloured in Blue).  The other (white) areas of Cornwall are covered by our nearest neighbouring Group – Plymouth Advanced Motorists (link below).

Approximate Coverage

We have Observers (mentors) from Camelford to Penzance who will take an Associate (the person being mentored) living approximately in their area but would expect the Associate to travel to meet their Observer either near to the Observer’s home or at a mutually agreed meeting place.  How quickly we can begin training a new Associate also depends on our training workload, but we will always endeavour to keep in touch until the Course mentoring can commence.