The IAM ‘Assessment’

The IAM Assessment is carried out by an IAM RoadSmart Examiner and so is independent of the Cornwall Group and conducted by a serving or retired Police Traffic Officer.  The Assessment is to the standard outlined in the IAM RoadSmart’s Advanced Driver Course Handbook.  We will not recommend you for the Assessment unless we are confident that you are ready and can pass.  Note that the Group has a success rate of 95% averaged over 3 years.

We have to add that the Examiner wants you to pass, but it will be a fair test, he will not use tricks to try and catch you out.  To fail, you have to prove that you don’t deserve to pass.  Also, the IAM Assessment will probably not be as demanding as some of your previous Observed Runs so you should find the Assessment easier. Remember that there is no such a person as a ‘perfect driver‘ – everybody makes mistakes, it is just that, as an Advanced Driver, you will make less than the average driver and those mistakes will have less serious consequences.

Once the Assessment has finished you will be given a very good and useful debrief (including positive aspects) from the Examiner.  Well Done!!!