I passed!! What’s next?

I have pased my IAM AssessmentNow what can I do?

For existing IAM Members and to let prospective members see what can come next, there is a step process with the IAM RoadSmart way of working. However it is all optional, you don’t HAVE to do it but some of them could appeal.

An IAM F1rst? (if you haven’t got that on your orginal assessment)

IAM’s Driving Assessment marking is based on scoring points against 35 elements of your driving skill. A F1rst can be awarded either during your Assessment or in a subsequent re-Assessment by scoring ‘1’s’ against all but 3 of certain elements and ‘Spoken thoughts‘ (basically a sort of commentary) are required . An Assessment pass as a F1rst is higher than a Assesment pass and is a good target to aim for as it demonstrates ‘excellence’.

Become a Local Observer

Local Observers are the backbone behind mentoring and helping Associates reach IAM’s required assessment standard. Whilst working on a voluntary basis they have received specialist training and qualification in advanced driving mentoring in order to maintain IAM’s high standards.

What are the benefits of becoming a Local Observer? Probably the most tangible personal benefits is that it will improve and maintain your own driving standard at no cost and in a friendly relationship with your Associate. Additionally, you will have the satisfaction of seeing your Associate’s driving standard develop and improve is a strong motivation factor and the ‘icing in the cake’ is when your Associate passes their IAM assessment!

So, apart from needing to be a paid-up Member of both Cornwall Advanced Drivers and IAM RoadSmart, what are the primary qualities are we looking for?

  • You will have passed your IAM car assessment – preferably having achieved an IAM F1rst assessment.
  • You may have been a qualified Observer with another IAM car group.
  • You may hold an advanced driving qualification with one of the UK Emergency Services.

Graduate to become a National Observer

After a while as a Local Observer you might want to achieve a bit more and go for a National Observer. This is a higher standard of Observing than a Local Observer. This usually involves further training and experience about teaching advanced driving skills. The assessment is carried out by one of IAM’s Regional Managers and, once qualified, there is a 5 yearly re-appraisal assessment to maintain the National Observer qualification. Feel free to talk to us about this if it interests you.

Become an IAM Fellow

This is a great way to keep up and maintain your post-IAM Assessment driving standard. For a slightly higher annual IAM RoadSmart Membership Fee, you will have a compulsory but free re-Assessment every 3 years. If your latest IAM Assessment was more than 3 years ago, a pre-entry Assessment is required.

Become an IAM Master

This is IAM’s highest assessment of your driving skills and the highest civilian driving award. Mentoring is given on a one-to-one basis with a qualified Masters Mentor with training spread over 6 Observed Runs (OR’s) and about 12 hours on the road. In order to get the feel of what it’s about, a ‘Taster’ session can be arranged. The Masters Assessment must be re-taken every 5 years to maintain your Masters membership. Costs are detailed elsewhere on this website.