How do I get started?

What do I need to do?

As Cornwall is about 70 miles in length, we can’t offer coverage throughout the whole of Cornwall.  However, we do cover all of west and mid Cornwall but not all of east Cornwall (some PL postcodes).  Our neighbouring IAM RoadSmart Car group based in Plymouth covers those areas.

Step 1 – Purchase the IAM Car ‘Advanced Driver’ course

To apply to join Cornwall Advanced Drivers (CAD) to become a more skilled driver, first you have to purchase the IAM Car ‘Advanced Driver’ course from IAM RoadSmart (our national parent body) by clicking the link below (which will open in a new Window). The package enrols you for 12 months into both IAM RoadSmart and your local IAM Group as an Associate so you can prepare to become a more skilled driver with us. That is all you need to do – there are no extra costs needed.

The price of the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver course is detailed on the following link:

What do you get for your money?
  • A welcome pack and an excellent Course Handbook from IAM RoadSmart.

  • Twelve months membership of both IAM RoadSmart and CAD.

  • Our Associates nearly always find that buying a copy of the Highway Code and other advanced driving publications can be really beneficial.

  • Your on-road mentoring with one of our Observers.

  • Your IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driving Assessment fee and Report.
Cover photo of IAM Associate Handbook
Course Handbook

Step 2 – All being well, we will then contact you!

On us receiving notification from IAM RoadSmart that you have been assigned to us, one of our Group representatives will contact you to discuss the arrangements for your course, checking if you have any particular requirements and assigning your personal ‘Observer’ to mentor you and your driving.

Whilst they act on an entirely voluntary basis, all our Observers have received specialist tuition to mentor you in advanced driving and have been qualified to standards overseen by the Institute for the Motor Industry.  Lastly, all our Observers are very friendly!!  If they are not – please tell us and we will ensure there is more sugar put in their tea!!!

So how will your Observer try to help you now you are an Associate with us?  Your Observer will meet you at a convenient location and watch you drive your own car to assess if there are some areas where your driving might become safer based on the principles in your Advanced Driver Course Handbook.  We call these appraisals Observed Runs (or OR for short) and they normally last about 90 minutes.  These enable you and your Observer to agree a few points which you may need to brush-up on or to practice some new skills. Provided that you practice and study we usually find that after 6 OR’s most Associates are ready to take their IAM Advanced Driving Assessment.  We do however set an upper limit of 10 OR’s after which your progress will be reviewed.