Free ‘Taster’

The best way to find out more about Advanced Driving is to experience it for yourself.

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So come and enjoy a friendly FREE Taster Session with us!

We hear it time and again from our customers and members, the very best introduction to developing ‘Advanced Skills‘ is to experience it for yourself. Driving your car with one of our qualified Mentors will enable you to fully appreciate the skills and knowledge that you’ll acquire with us.

When you meet with your Mentor, you will be asked a few questions about your driving experiences and your Mentor will be pleased to answer any questions you may have before going for a short drive together on convenient roads close to you. Your Mentor will provide some suggestions as to where some improvements would help and give you a short demonstration run in their own car to see how it works in practice.

All you need is a Full UK Driving Licence and your own Taxed, Insured, (and MOT – if appropriate) car. Book by email using the simple links below and inform us of the most convenient town or location for you.