Testimonial – VF from near Truro

I would definitely recommend anyone, of any age, to take the IAM Advanced Driving Course. My husband completed it a couple of years ago, and enjoyed it so much that he gave me a voucher for the course as a Christmas present. I wasn’t sure of his motives, but as he often falls asleep when I’m driving I don’t think he felt I was a really bad driver who desperately needed to improve.

It’s many years since I passed my ‘normal’ driving test – I was still in the Sixth form at school. Since then I’ve driven thousands of miles, in many different countries and on different continents, in a number of different cars, without ever having another lesson. It is probably testament to my original driving instructor that I’ve never had an accident. However since those days, with his advice and instruction, there are now many more vehicles on the roads, those vehicles are bigger and faster, and modern driving can be much more challenging than in the past. There are more road signs,  roundabouts and other junctions, and extra rules in the Highway Code which need to be observed. 

Having enrolled with Cornwall Advanced Drivers, my Observer then made the course good fun. I was apprehensive at first, and felt as if I was about to go to the Dentist, but that feeling soon disappeared and felt at ease and really enjoyed each of the observed sessions. Observation, anticipation and planning the course of action were explained as the means to drive in a safe, smooth and efficient manner. My Observer suggested I could imagine my elderly grandmother was sitting in the back of the car and needed a smooth ride.  In response I told him that I am a grandmother have my grandchildren in the back of my car on many occasions!

The test itself wasn’t nearly as scary as I had imagined. The Examiner was very down to earth, he made me feel at ease straight away, then I drove around for about 45 minutes. As soon as we arrived back at the meeting point he was able to tell me I’d passed. 

As I’m retired I had the time to do several observed runs. I really enjoyed going along Cornish roads that were completely new to me, which was a bonus. Another bonus was meeting some lovely people at Cornwall Advanced Motorists IAM branch who are passionate about driving skilfully but safely. The well-trained and qualified Observers give up their time voluntarily in order to help car drivers in Cornwall become safer drivers.

To sum up: It’s been a very enjoyable and worthwhile course and I am a more careful but confident driver. I  heartily recommend any driver taking Cornwall Advanced Drivers IAM Road Smart advanced driving course.