Testimonial – Sam

My training was such fun. My Instructors (I was fortunate enough to have two as one of them was newly qualified) were wonderful. I always enjoy learning from people that have a specialist knowledge about their subject matter because you get so much more out of it. My Instructors were not only knowledgeable, but they were kind and down to earth and made me feel like I was doing a great job.

I decided to take the IAM test because, at the grand age of 34, I had taken my career as far as I could. I considered a career change, but I loved my job too much to leave. So, to satisfy my need for progression, I decided to better my driving and obtain a shiny new qualification. I have always been proud of my driving- so why not?

I started to notice a difference in my driving right away. After each lesson I would have 3-4 new skills to practice, which felt manageable but also that I was pushing myself. I felt there was a very noticeable progression, which my family also commented on. I would say the main differences in my driving, has been my forward planning of manoeuvres, how I read the road and my cornering.

The test was nerve racking. I arrived half an hour too early which gave me far too much time to panic and convince myself that I knew nothing about driving! The test was surprisingly enjoyable. The route took about an hour and was designed to showcase lots of different driving abilities i.e. hill starts, overtaking, speed limit observation and roundabouts etc. I was told that I had passed straight away which was a lovely end to a fantastic few months of training.

This experience has been positive from the very beginning. It has given me more confidence in myself and has, of course, made me a better and safer driver. I am sorry the experience has come to an end. I would recommend that everybody does this test. It is sure to enhance your personal development, give you a huge ego boost and of course make the roads a safer and calmer place.