Testimonial – Sally

Delighted with the achievement of my Advanced Motorist status, and with the words of my observer “you can now say with confidence that you are one of the safest drivers on the road” reinforcing my feel-good factor, I reflected on why I had decided to give myself this challenge and what I had got out of it.

Motivations were both practical and emotional.  Practically – it is a long time since I took my test in 1970 and it is no use kidding myself that my standards have not slipped since that golden moment when the examiner told me I had passed at the first attempt!!   I don’t think anyone can argue that bad habits are easy to acquire and hard to lose and, in recognising this, I wanted to do something to readjust the balance.

Emotionally –  in 1970, I made a vow to myself and to a very dear and much loved uncle, who was himself an advanced motorist and gave his time to the IAM,  that one day I would emulate his achievement.  As with many things in life, I delayed too long for him to know, but it still means a lot.

As a result of the observed runs, feedback and support from my observer, working within the framework of IPSGA, I know I have made improvements in my observation and positioning skills and handling of hazards.   I also have the huge sense of achievement that an award of this calibre gives you!   I would recommend it to anyone at any age.