Testimonial – EL from mid Cornwall

I decided to do the IAM Advanced Driving course with Cornwall Advanced Drivers a year or so after losing my husband.  I had always had my own car but a while back we reduced to one between us and although we shared driving on long journeys, my husband liked to do the everyday shorter trips.  After his death I felt a bit rusty from not having driven so regularly, but I also lost confidence generally and needed to rebuild my life as a single person.

Despite a lengthy interruption due to Covid, I found the IAM course to be just what I needed.  The IAM team are extremely friendly and approachable.  Due to the Covid break and internal changes I had two Observers, both of whom put me fully at ease.  Where there was room for improvement their comments were constructive and encouraging, and they were quick to recognise and acknowledge any good use of skills.

When I embarked on the course my goal was to restore confidence and to ensure that at the age of 72, I was still a safe and competent driver.  I hadn’t decided whether or not to take the test.  With encouragement from my Observers and the conviction that I was a better driver than when I started, in the end I took the test and was delighted to achieve a pass.

I’m very glad I enrolled on the IAM course, which has been an enjoyable and satisfying experience. I would encourage anyone to give it a go, whatever their reasons for doing so.