The following are genuine testimonials given to us over the years from Associates who had joined and passed their IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driving Assessment with us and reflects our experience in meeting our aims and goals as a Road Safety organisation.


I took my first IAM Advanced Driving test about 15 years ago because I was a nervous driver. It terrified me that every day I was driving to work knowing that my life w as in the hands of other drivers and that at any point one of them could become distracted at the wheel and just plough into me – or that was how I saw it.


I decided to take the IAM test because, at the grand age of 34, I had taken my career as far as I could. I considered a career change, but I loved my job too much to leave. So, to satisfy my need for progression, I decided to better my driving and obtain a shiny new qualification. I have always been proud of my driving- so why not?


Delighted with the achievement of my Advanced Motorist status, and with the words of my observer “you can now say with confidence that you are one of the safest drivers on the road” reinforcing my feel-good factor, I reflected on why I had decided to give myself this challenge and what I had got out of it.